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Registration as a Local Authority Guarantor 

As a local authority or organisation running a rental guarantee scheme for private landlords; you can access this service for FREE.

We do not charge local authorities or organisations running a rental guarantee scheme to access our service however for auditing purposes, please confirm and submit your registration by clicking on the payment button.  

This will take you directly to our L A Guarantor form which you can submit to us for verification.  

Once you have sent in the documents required to verify your organisation and scheme, we will change your status to an approved Local Authority Guarantor and registration lasts for a year.

You are now able to review and "guarantee" all the tenants that have registered as beneficiaries of your scheme. The profile of these tenants will now be visible to the private landlords on our database. You may find the process easier to manage if you become an approved Guarantor before your tenants register as it will make your administration process easier.


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