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Local Authority Guarantors...

womanoninterviewDiscover an easier way to access the private rental market, connect with private landlords willing to rent to your "DSS" tenants and reduce your social housing waiting list...

Do you as a Local Authority or Organisation have a bond or damage guarantee scheme for private landlords designed to help responsible "DSS" tenants find private rented accommodation?

But are you struggling to find and engage with the volume of private landlords you need to make your scheme work?

If so, the new service from T4LUK could help.

Let us explain...

T4LUK (Tenants for Landlords in the UK) is a NEW nationwide database of properties managed by private landlords who are looking to rent direct to responsible tenants.

You'll find our intelligent tenant-property matching service offers an easier way for you to tap into the private rental market in your geographical area and get the vetted people on your waiting lists housed.

And the advantages to you are significant...

You could:

  1. Find it easier to meet your housing targets by securing accommodation for tenants in the private sector.
  2. Increase the range of housing options available to you.
  3. Reduce your reliance on expensive B&Bs.
  4. Reduce your tenant waiting list.
  5. Get more people out of temporary accommodation and into something more permanent.
  6. Save money on rent by dealing directly with private landlords.
  7. Help tenants find a new home – faster.

 freeWhat's more, as a Local Authority or Organisation running a rental guarantee scheme, you and your tenants can access this service for FREE. 

Flag your vetted tenants to private landlords and increase their chances of securing accommodation in the private rental market

As you know, the private rental market is sizeable. The problem is private landlords can be reluctant to rent to "DSS" tenants because they're concerned with the perceived risks.manwithhouseframe

However, where "DSS" tenants are backed by a rental guarantee scheme such as yours, the risk is significantly reduced. It means private landlords are far more likely to offer a tenancy agreement.

The barrier can be letting private landlords know that such LA backed tenants exist. T4LUK's online database helps overcome this. All your tenants will be "tagged" as LAG tenants indicating to private landlords that these tenants are "responsible" and backed by your guarantor scheme.

This means your tenant will avoid the frustration and disappointment of being turned down purely on the basis of their benefit status. That's because private landlords will know their status in advance and will only get in touch if they are genuinely interested.

Enhance your options by accessing an intelligent tenant-property matching service that's so easy to use

Use T4LUK's database to find suitable private rental accommodation for your vetted tenants. You simply need to register online, complete the application form and send confirmation of your scheme to us by post. We aim to verify your scheme within 2 working days; you'll get an email alert as soon as your T4LUK account has been set up.

It's easy to get started...

Simply register now and start benefitting from a new way to get your tenants housed.


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