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Tenants: Can you prove to a private landlord how low the "risk" is of letting to you?


If not, then take charge of your property hunting now because the landlord wants to know the risk they’re taking by letting their property to you. 

We can help a landlord determine that risk because our independent reference report is a “snapshot” of the risk of letting to you.  

T4L UK can help because we:

  • Offer an alternative to expensive letting agencies,
  • Help tenants connect directly with private landlords by listing your property requirements
  • Make it easy for you to get referenced before you start your property search
  • Let you have your reference report within 3-5 days.  This costs £49.50 and you pay the fee after completing your personalised referencing form and submitting all the required documents. On receipt, if you do not think that your LetRef report is fair, we will give refund your money. 


In turn you could save money, move in quicker and increase your chances of a landlord saying "yes" at your first viewing.

In fact, T4L UK could transform the way you approach renting...


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