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Tenant Subscription

We make the following charges for tenants to subscribe and subscription lasts for a year.

  • Private Tenant - £1.99 per year
Registered Tenant
  • Student - £0.99 per year
Registered Student
  • Local Authority Guaranteed Tenant - FREE
(For our landlords' peace of mind, your LA must be registered
with us to confirm your profile as LAG tenant)
Registered LAG Tenant

You can can create your T4L UK account after making the appropriate payment  online by PayPal, credit or debit card. If you have a voucher code, use it before clicking on "subscribe".

On successful processing, you will have access to "My Profile". You can then tell private landlords more about the property you wish to let.

Your property profile can be listed immediately and it will show up for landlords to see when our database goes live. By subscribing, you will demonstrate to private landlords that you are serious about renting a property from them.

In the meantime, why not review your reference application form (which you get access to as soon as you subscribe) and see what you need to provide for referencing by LetRef Ltd.



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