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  • Why should I register as a tenant on T4LUK?

    By registering with T4LUK and paying the small registration fee of just £3.99 per annum. you immediately demonstrate to private landlords you're serious about renting.

    Students receive a 50% discount and can register for just £1.99 per annum.

  • Do I need to be referenced to be listed?

    No, you can simply pay the appropriate registration fee.

    However, if you're referenced you'll get more benefit from the system because:

    • We anticipate referenced tenants will be more appealing to private landlords.
    • Having references will speed up the process once you find a property you'd like to rent.
    • Referenced tenants can contact landlords directly meaning they can proactively search for a property instead of relying on landlords contacting them.
  • Can anyone apply to be referenced with T4LUK?

    All tenants registered on the T4LUK database can apply to be referenced. Tenants with status as "referenced" have passed an independent character, landlord and credit reference check by LetRef Ltd. It means if your current or previous landlords are unlikely to provide favourable references, T4LUK's service may not be for you.

  • Can I just register my details and not specify the area I’m looking to rent in?

    During the registration process you must specify the area or postcode radius you're looking to rent within. In addition, once you've confirmed this, you cannot change it during your registration period.

    This format is crucial for T4LUK's property / tenant matching process. We match your preferences to suitable landlords and alert them via email that you're looking for a property. As you can imagine, without a geographical area, helping you to find the right property would become very difficult.

  • How do I know that my personal information is safe with you?


    How we keep your information safe

    Keeping your personal data safe, secure and private is extremely important to us. In fact, we have gone to great lengths to ensure your personal information cannot be read or accessed by anyone who doesn’t need to see it.

    This is how we achieve it:-

    We use bank-grade security. In short, this means your data is encrypted before it is transmitted or stored.

    We are registered with the Information Commission Office (ICO) – it means your details are held in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1988.

    You keep control of your uploads – and you are free to delete them at any time before you submit them for referencing.

    Finally, if you are applying for references, rest assured that LetRef share our same privacy values and also use secure servers to keep your data safe.

    But remember, because your account is accessible via your unique username and password, we strongly recommend that you keep these details to yourself to help prevent unauthorised access.

    If you have any questions or concerns about how we use or store your data, please contact mail@t4luk.com


  • How long does my registration last?

    Your registration lasts for one year after which it becomes dormant. Registration details of dormant accounts are kept safe on our secure and encrypted servers making it really easy for you to reactivate your account at a later date.

    Reactivating an account costs £3.99 and you can change your search area and / or your accommodation preferences. You also have the option to request that we delete all your details and files from our server at anytime and start afresh the next time you're looking to rent.

    Please note that reference reports are only valid for 6 months after which they are removed from our server.

  • How much does it cost to be referenced through T4LUK?

    It costs just £49.50 to apply for a reference check through LetRef Ltd. You can apply online, complete the form from home in your own time and be notified of the result within 3-5 days. This report is stored securely in your "online briefcase" ready for you to issue as a hard or soft copy to a potential landlord.

  • Why should I consider being referenced through T4LUK?

    LetRef Limited, the independent referencing company that carries out our reference checks, are well known in the lettings industry for being extremely good at what they do. That means that they are trusted by landlords. Therefore in our opinion, you cannot ask for a better "referee" between the landlord and yourself than LetRef.

    Once you are registered with T4LUK, you will be then see an option for “Get Referenced” so that you can select the reference application form that matches your situation. Complete the form online whenever you are ready and this application form will be stored in your secure online briefcase until you are ready for LetRef to carry out your reference. You only PAY for referencing when your form is submitted to LetRef.

    If you are in receipt of housing benefit, LetRef are still able to carry out your reference so that your prospective landlord can assess how you conducted your last tenancy and whether the rent was paid on time. This report will also be useful to anyone you are asking to be a guarantor for you.

    You can apply online and complete the form in your own time even at home where you have access to all your referencing documents.

    You will be notified of the result within 3-5 days. Your (yes the report is yours) reference report is deposited securely in your secure online briefcase by LetRef ready for you to issue as a hard or soft copy to a potential landlord. TRY IT NOW, you only pay for referencing when you choose to submit the application form.

    So you can see that at T4LUK we let you take total control of your tenant and referencing profile in a secure and safe environment.  This enables you to make an informed decision as to how to approach any landlord that you are thinking of renting from.

    Remember, you only pay the £49.50 referencing fee when you SUBMIT the form to LetRef for referencing.


  • How can I use my LetRef Ltd. reference?

    Being referenced means you could secure a property more quickly because you can use it as evidence that you're a "good" tenant. You decide how to use your report. For example, you could show prospective landlords a hard or soft copy before or during viewings.

    What's more, because anyone can see your tenant ID and reference status, you may find private landlords (registered with T4LUK) contacting you OR choosing to list their property so they can make contact.

  • What are the benefits of having a “referenced” status?

    The most important thing about a "referenced" status is your ability to contact Landlords directly.

    Tenants, who have not been referenced, must wait for landlords to contact them.

    What's more, knowing upfront what your personal reference report contains will enable you to judge how to approach a landlord and how hard you can negotiate on the rent and other terms. However, please check out how popular the location is with other tenants before playing hardball!

  • What should I do if I know my landlord will give me an unfair reference?

    If there's a genuine difference of opinion between you and your existing landlord due to a disagreement, please explain within your "tenant statement" on your referencing application form.

    This will enable potential new landlords to make an independent assessment of the situation based upon their risk profile and other character references you provide to support your referencing application. A homeowner guarantor may be another option for you.

  • What is a tenant statement?

    A tenant statement is your opportunity to detail any factors you feel may affect your reference application. When LetRef produce your report, your tenant statement will be reproduced in your reference report exactly as you have written it. Please note that your tenant statement cannot be changed after your application has been submitted and the report generated so please check it thoroughly before submission.

    Use it to detail any issues you wish your new landlord to consider especially if you know that your current landlord or letting agent may give you an unfair reference or none at all!

    If necessary you can even use it to provide further information. Such as:-
    • An additional character reference
    • Availability of bank statements to show landlords that you have always paid your rent on time and have no arrears
    • Your willingness to pay 6 months’ rent upfront
    • If you wish to keep pets, confirmation from your current and previous landlords that you are a responsible pet owner.

  • How long is my LetRef reference valid for?

    To ensure your reference report remains current and useful we recommend you don't apply for referencing more than 30 to 60 days before you are able to take up a tenancy; however your reference report is remains on our systems for six months after which it is deleted. Until you tick "do not show", your listing is still visible by our registered and potential landlords.

  • What kind of situations may prevent me from passing LetRef's checks?

    Property abuse is a big turn off for private landlords and it is unlikely LetRef will recommend you for a tenancy.

  • Can I appeal against a "no" decision from Let Ref?

    Not everyone referenced through our independent referencing agency will be deemed suitable for a standard tenancy. Where this is the case, your application will still be processed but your tenant status will not change.

    LetRef's decision is final and we are unable to overturn their decision or refund your application fee. You will however be able to apply for a new reference again after six months.

  • What can I do if I do not pass LetRef's check?

    You can either suspend your registration on our site OR if you'd like to proceed with trying to find a property you can amend your listing to show that you can:

    • Pay up to 6 months rent in advance OR
    • You have a guarantor

    On the basis of these assurances, some landlords will still consider letting a property to you.

  • Will my Guarantor be referenced?

    This is totally dependent on the landlord but most will prefer referenced guarantors. LetRef does reference guarantors and we can help in that regard.

  • Will my Guarantor's details be displayed on your site?

    A guarantor's registration is considered a private listing and their details will not be displayed on our site. The reference will be paid for and carried out as normal and a copy stored in their "online briefcase". A guarantor registration is £3.99 per annum and the reference fee is £49.50.

  • How do I know that a rogue landlord will not scam me?

    We do not give landlords full access to tenant listings or allow them to make contact until they have registered and uploaded a property. During the process of registering, our landlords confirm that they are the legal owner of any property they upload into their online portfolio.

    If you're offered a property by a landlord claiming to be from our website, please ask them to confirm and schedule the viewing via our website directly to you. If they are unable to do so, do not deal with them.

    Also please do not try to bypass the system by entering your details in the description as your account will be automatically deleted and any fees paid will not be refunded. By so doing you are setting yourself up to be scammed.

  • What if a Letting Agent contacts me? Shall I report them?

    We do not accept registrations from Letting Agents because our objective is to match tenants directly with private landlords.

    However some landlords have informed us that due to the distance of some of their properties from where they live, they engage the services of Letting or Personal Agents to conduct viewings and issue contracts on their behalf. In these cases, although an agency may contact you, the property will be fully managed by the landlord.

    In this case you should always talk to the private landlord first who will then give you details of their agent. You should not be charged any fees for this service and if you are, please let us know. Stay safe; ask the agent for ID and only view the property or properties that are listed on our site and none other.

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